Chef Alessio Sedran

His great passion for cooking began when he was only five years old, cooked his first recipe, a baked apple for his father, he felt pride and amazing satisfaction. For days , at home, his father ate only apples. Born and raised in the tuscanian countryside, living in a beautiful farmhouse, sinche he was a chil he started to cook the products his land was offering, such as meat, vegetables and friut from his farm.
Mentored by his grandmother Wilma and his uncles, he started to taste and understand the flavours of the traditional tuscan cusine, learning the techniques and the products stand sas trademark in the world.
While growing, until the high school diploma he kept learning, cooking and experimenting new dishes and recipes at home.
Since 2004 he started working as a kitchen porter in the first restaurant, with great humility and determination.
In the following years he has refined the palate and techniques alongside great chefs.
Working in the best tuscan restaurant, from taverns with traditional dishes, to international cusine, he got to know and understands the gourmet cuisine and created his own style of cooking.
Although young, he can already boast the management of multiple cuisine ad head chef, each time bringing out a very good job and earning the trust of many. He is a very friendly, curious, determined and appassionate about his work, opened in meeting new people, realities, plates and working methods, very orderly, organized and maniac cleaning...
During the years he realized that the most important thing in his work is humility. Be willing to learned listen to everyone, because the beauty of this business, he says, is that you will never cease to learn.

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Product Selection

I listen, observe, I fell the smells, touch with hand, and taste every single ingredient

Personal Chef

Your personal chef

It is impossible to resist the delicacies prepared in famous restourant, i know that so for this reason i decided to offer a special service for a personal chef.
Whith this service i would like to offer you the possibility to experience an unforgetable eno-gastronomic experience from your home or from any other location.
In this manner you will surprise your guests.
The first step is to contact and get to know each other in order to learn what you tastes are and what you prefer, after which we can decide on a perfect menu.
The activity of a personal chef can last one day or a months, for your holidays or for a daily exscursion, on a yacht or anywhere else.
With the collaboration of experts sommelier and important wineries, based on your own menù, they will select for you the best wine

Signature Dish

Spaghetti Verrigni, con vongole veraci pannocchie di mare filetti di pomodoro sammarzano, puntarelle croccanti su crema di broccoli all’olio extravergine.

You know how a tailor produces made to measure suits?
I like to do the same in the kitchen.

A Cooking Class

Traditional | Gourmet | Modern & Creative | Fish | Vegetarian | Meat

We will preper toghether everything : an aperitif, a starter, pasta dish, main course, and dessert. Whether it is lunch or dinner once we have prepared everything, we will sit down toghether and taste our menu accompanied by selection of kegienal wines chosen ad hoc by an expert somelier.

The Cost

Starting with the exspences : i would like to teach how to select the best products at the market. From cheeses to meat, from vegetables to fish. We will visit the fish mongers, the wineries, the dairies, the salumifici, and anywhere alse where the tuscan treasures are produced. Which you will transform into delicious dishes.

Contact with Nature

In the sunny period we can go to search for the best friuts wich nature offeres : mushrooms, chestnuts, field herbs, wild fruits etc etc.. I will be happy to point out what edibles you may eat and what must be discarded.

The Sea

For the most adventurous and for those who love the sea. We will sail in a splendid catamaran through the Tuscan Arcipelago whilst Cooking fresh fish that we have just Caught so that you learn the cut of “crudites” .

Signature Dish

Filetto di vitellone cotto a bassa temperatura, lardo di colonnata, duetto di zucca gialla e salsa di vernaccia.


Weddings | Parties | Birthdays | Fairs | Business Events | Catering | Banqueting


A wedding is the most important event in our lives and I will be honored to render it unforgettable.
Thanks to the experience I have gained over the years working for specialised organizations for weddings, amongst which was the villa Vignamaggio we can introduce extraordinary events.
Together with the wedding planner apart from taking care of the food my staff and I will help you to select decorations, wedding favors, dishes and such like!
The choice of menù is a crutial point in the organisation of a prefect wedding. I will present you with recipes, ingredients, products the photographs to explain better that which we wish to create together.
Having chosen everything alla we have to do is to wait for the special event.

Signature Dish

Risotto al prezzemolo mantecato al reggiano 36 mesi, “Tonno” del Chianti e carpaccio di ovuli.

Business Events

The best decisions in business are taken during a good meal.

To offer a rare “break” or a business dinner to celebrate the results.

To organise a business meeting by offering qualified food is always the best chioce to put clients in a good mood as they will be more inclined to participate and garantees a concrete boost to the image of the company.

If in the other hand you wish to launch a new product, the best solution to present it at a fair or trade show is to provide a dish and a recipe studied ad hoc to evaluate each quality

Signature Dish

Chitarrina al rosso d’uovo, ragù di cinta senese, fonduta di pecorino fresco e tartufo nero.

The Sea

I love the perfume of the waves when they break against the rocks...

The Sea

I love the perfume of the waves when they break against the rocks, the colours, the shades, the delicate balance between the earth and water, the strength, the quietness, the flavoures, the immens greatness and the mistery of deapth. But that wich I love more than anything are the seefoods which the sea provides with the possibility to cook them whilst appreciating their richness


I love the sea and this passion has permitted me to acquire even more knowledge about the preparation of raw and cooked seefood, simple or complex, from oysters to bluefish, from shellfish to clams, with different preparation and combinations.

Signature Dish

Tre Tonni: Crudo, Cotto, Marinato.

On the Yatch

I will be happy to accompany you at sea on all occasions, either for your holidays or on a cruise with courses on cooking.

Signature Dish

Tagliatella all’uovo con ragù di gallinella, pomodorini e timo.

Training and Advice

Assure that your cooking has full patential.


My advice is for all those working in restaurant who are looking for a solution to better their restaurant and business. My advice can last from a few hours to several months. In this manner the restaurant may acquire the competence of a qualified chef with greated experience with an investiment that will pay for itself. Infact the presence of an italo-tuscan chef in international restauranti s a worthy element of attention as this may increase the presence of customers at the restaurant and this the incoming earnings.


  • The formation of the kitchenstaff
  • The teaching of new recipes
  • The method of work, assignment to roles and responsability, in order to create a well organized team to terminate in a fast and precise service.
  • Selection of personal
  • The selection of a menu which indicates the identity of the estaurant
  • Management of the expenses for the food (selection of the ingridients, choice of suppliers, the organization of the fridges, the decision of the cost of the dish etc…)
  • The set up of the kitchen
  • Organization and optimization of the work surfaces
  • Accurate selection of the equipment
  • Selection of the dishes and trays
  • Organization for the cleaning

My advice has been extremely important for restaurant workes abroad, who wish to follow a rapid training course in efficient italo-tuscan cooking.

A good training course teaches all the restaurant workers to cope with the service better between waiters and cooks, and to organize the order requests perfectly.

Per assaporare la mia cucina e degustare i menù venite a conoscermi presso il ristorante I Mal'Avvezzi (Firenze)


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Telefono: +39 349 329 3217
Email: info@chefalessiosedran.com

Indirizzo: Via di Campiano 4, Impruneta - 50023 (Fi)

Per qualsiasi prova menu o per degustare la mia cucina mi trovate presso ristornate i Mal'avvezzi

Signature Dish

Torretta di gamberi rossi, branzino e porcini, pesto di rucola e cannolo con spuma di ricotta e pistacchio.