At home, as in the restaurant. Even better!

With our private chef service, you will have the opportunity to enjoy breakfasts, lunches, or dinners prepared by our Chefs directly at your home, in the villa where you are staying, or in any location you desire. And by any, we really mean any!

The experience can be customized from the first contact: based on the location and date chose and your dietary needs, we study personalized menu proposals, ranging from traditional Tuscan dishes to the most contemporary ones, which respect the seasonality of the ingredients and can satisfy your tastes.

Private Chef Tuscany

​​As ambassadors of Tuscan cuisine, my team and I are committed to using only the finest local ingredients, handpicked from the farms and markets of Tuscany. Every dish we prepare is a tribute to the rich culinary heritage of this beautiful region, and a celebration of the simple, honest flavors that define Tuscan cooking.

On the day of the service, your task will be only one, or rather, two: to taste and enjoy every moment, because we will take care of everything: from the shopping to the setting of the table, from the preparation of the express dishes to the management of the room and the reception, up to cleaning the kitchen, putting it back in order as we found it.

This type of service can be booked for a day as well as for weeks, in Tuscany or Italy or wherever you want.

We are already thinking about the menu for your next event!

Contact us for information or requests for a quote, by filling out the form alongside or by emailing us at specifying the type of service, the date, and the location of the event (if already defined), we will reply as soon as possible!

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