From my roots

My journey into the culinary world began at the tender age of five, with an apple. It was my first ever recipe – a cooked apple for my father. The satisfaction that filled me as I saw his enjoyment was overwhelming, sparking a passion for cooking that has grown stronger every day. For days afterward, there was nothing else to eat in my home but cooked apples.

Today, that apple is more than just a memory; it’s a symbol of my culinary journey, and it’s a promise of the dedication and love I put into every dish I create.

I was born and raised on a farm in the Tuscan countryside, and I approached cooking thanks to Nonna Vilma and my aunts.
In the heart of my culinary philosophy is an experience that dates back to my childhood: watching my grandmother in the kitchen. The way she danced around the stove, the gentle hum of her voice as she stirred and tasted, the spark in her eyes when she served her dishes – it was a spectacle of love and passion for food that left a deep, indelible impression on me.

Private Chef in Tuscany

My aim is to recreate the same feeling for you. For this reason, I have not followed a standard path, because I have always been guided by passion and the desire to always reach higher levels: from the great Florentine restaurants to the kitchens of starred chefs, from the most important Tuscan trattorias to the large international caterers, my training was not conventional, and this melting pot of flavors allowed me to develop my personal idea of ​​cooking.

Every dish I craft isn’t just a combination of ingredients; it’s a story, a tradition, a piece of my heart. It’s a labor of love that I hope transcends beyond the taste, making you feel at home in the rich, warm embrace of authentic Tuscan cuisine contaminated with the creativity of contemporary cooking.

Only fresh, selected, and mainly seasonal ingredients, of course!

I’ve consistently aspired to infuse my kitchen with quality and excellence, driven by the belief that people who entrust me as their Chef are akin to cherished friends gathered around the same table, seeking dishes that ignite their culinary passion.

Private Chef Tuscany
Private Chef in Tuscany

To Live Tuscan Chef

Since 2018 my idea of ​​cooking is no longer just mine, it is ours: this “ours” includes insatiable professionals who have decided to embrace my project and grow together in front of the stove.

Live Tuscan Chef was born in 2018, with the aim of bringing the pleasure of good express food to your home, and I couldn’t be prouder of my team, which is continuing to grow to be able to satisfy your every request.